Interregional festival of historical reconstruction "The Great Silk Road on the Don"

29 August 2018

In 2017 the city of Volgodonsk, as part of the Strategy for Social and Economic Development until 2030, is rightfully declared as the center of the industrial growth pole, the cultural, educational and business center of the east of the Rostov Region. The city develops in all economic directions, giving growth to the spheres providing a favorable comfortable environment for citizens, visitors of the city and tourists.

In March 2018 in Moscow at the XIII international tourist exhibition "Intourmarket" the Volgodonsk project "Steppe routes" was presented, which includes excursion programs, gastronomic offers, photo tours and events. This large-scale project includes the ethnic festival of historical reconstruction "The Great Silk Road on the Don", which is recognized as one of the best tourist projects in the South of Russia.

September 22 in Volgodonsk for the first time will host a festival of historical reconstruction "The Great Silk Road on the Don." The festival program is designed for one day, but it is planned so spectacular and rich that guests will want to visit everywhere, and look at what will happen.

In addition to the historical reconstruction clubs participating in the theatrical prologue "The Battle of Prince Svyatoslav", in the gastronomic festival "Gifts of the Silk Road" the festival program will be attended by winemakers, brewers and cheese makers. At the same time, the festival includes a folk song festival "Sings Russia - Mother", a city festival of national cultures "We are the friendship of the peoples", a children's playground "Treasures of the Nation".

The master classes of potters and smiths, craftsmen in wood, stone, clay, shoemaking, as well as making and painting toys will work at the festival. Here you can buy souvenirs for memory from various materials: brass, copper, birch bark, as well as clothes and household items made in various decorative techniques.

The guests of the festival are waiting for a lot of surprises - from equestrian sports with demonstration performances and air show of the pilot group of light-engine aircraft to camel riding and excursion to the real Kazakh museum-yurt.

Date of the event: September 22, 2018 (Saturday) from 09-00 to 22-00. Address: Rostov Region, Volgodonsk, embankment area in the V-9 quarter.

The full program of the event can be viewed here.

Contact phone: (8639) 22-25-81.

The Great Silk Road on the Don


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