Rest on the Don is safe!

10 January 2018

Rest on the Don is not only fun, tasty, but, importantly, it's safe!

All the mass celebrations on the Don passed without incident.

Deputy Governor of the Rostov region Vadim Artemov said that for the New Year and Christmas holidays in the Rostov region, enhanced measures were taken to ensure the safety of the population.

From December 30 until the morning of January 9, all regional and municipal government and rescue forces functioned in high alert mode. To ensure safety, more than 2,500 personnel and more than 460 units of equipment were involved. 2387 places of celebrations were under constant control of rescuers.

"All the mass festive events were held in the regular mode, without accidents," the deputy head of the region reported. - Compared to the same period last year, the number of fires decreased by 20%.

There were no incidents on the water bodies of the region. Regional rescuers constantly patrolled the location of fishermen and people's exits to water bodies. 589 trips were carried out, 900 conversations were held, 780 memos were issued.

On constant control there was a situation on the roads of the region. In readiness for use were given tractors, tow trucks, off-road vehicles, heating and power points: 115 heating points and 79 food points.


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Очень красиво! Здорово, что для безопасности прикладываются усилия, и это не проходит зря!