"Sun Tree" - a new point of attraction in Rostov-on-Don

04 December 2017

Architectural and park composition "Sun Tree", solemnly opened in the park named after N. Ostrovsky on November 22, can rightly be called a new point of attraction of residents and guests of Rostov and a favorite place of their rest.

Recall: for the architectural basis of the "Sun Tree" was taken the original emblem of the Year of Ecology, personifying the unity of man and nature. The organizer of the implementation of this project in Russia is the chairman of the Rostov regional branch of the NGO "Living planet" Olga Tkachuk.

- Art object "Sun Tree" is a measuring device for monitoring environmental parameters - including temperature, pressure and radioactive background, - said the director of the Ostrovsky park Alexander Malykh. - The object works on solar energy. In the evening and at night the tree will give the accumulated solar energy, lighting everything around.


The installation of "Sun Tree" was followed by further work on the improvement of the area around it. The way the space in the art object looks now is the result of joint activity of the administration of the Pervomaisky district and the park named after N. Ostrovsky.

More than 100 perennial plants and 60 running meters of hedges were planted around the Sun Tree. The territory was named "Demonstration Garden". There are pavement tiles and wild stone coverings, a fountain, a stream through which a bridge is tossed, and a small artificial lake. Landscaped lighting is installed, benches are installed. In 2018 it is planned to continue the development of the territory of the "Demonstration Garden".

Planning and implementation of the project of landscape design around the architectural and park composition "Sun Tree" was conducted by employees of the park named after N. Ostrovsky under the leadership of the leading master of green economy IA. Kovalyovoy. During the work on the improvement of green space was not affected and preserved in full.

Accomplishment of the art object "Sun Tree", unique in its kind and unique in Russia, allowed to change the surrounding area to a qualitatively better side and create a special territory in the park, which has all the chances to become a favorite holiday destination.


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