Rostov region - here the holiday begins!

03 November 2017

"Rostov region - here the holiday begins!" - a thought that will remain for a long time in the hearts of the inhabitants of Moscow, as well as a meeting with the "Pravoslavny Don"!

Its 30-year anniversary of the municipal ensemble of the Cossack song "Pravoslavny Don" noted in Moscow. In the theater of Russian folklore, the collective showed bright, beloved viewers numbers: traditional broach, play and dance songs, as well as author's works of N. Vecherkin.

The sophisticated Moscow spectator greeted the guests from the Don very warmly. Being zealous guardians of traditions, the artists not only showed their creativity, but also told the inhabitants of Moscow about the events of the Don!

Don's ukha (fish soup), Don Vine, Sholokhov Spring, Karginskaya Fair, Kruzhilinsky toloki, festival "Songs over Chir" ... - holidays that are the visiting card of the Don land, embodying its heritage, culture and traditions.

Православный Дон в Москве  Православный Дон в Москве


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