"Night of Arts" will be held in Rostov Region

30 October 2017

Don museums, theaters, exhibition halls and libraries will join the All-Russian action "Night of the Arts". Special programs for residents of the Don were prepared by cultural institutions of the region on the Day of National Unity - on November 4. Scheduled exhibitions, concerts, lectures, master classes, quests, meetings with youth groups, writers, artists, actors, architects, museum directors.

So, the Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts extends the time until midnight. In the program "All power to museums!" For visitors will pass a cinema marathon "Revolution in art", an action "Metamorphoses of the soul in the space of art", the project "Creative" СтArt ", master classes" Nature of metal "and" Paper jazz ".

At the Rostov Regional Museum of Local History at 15.00 there will be a presentation of the program "Dances of the Peoples of the Don". Under the arches of the museum the Artemiev dynasty will present circus numbers. From 6 pm till 10 pm there will be a concert "From Baroque to Rock". And at 19.00 a master class on the art of Japanese tea ceremony will be held.

November 4 Rostov Youth Theater invites spectators behind the scenes. Guests of the theater are waiting for a walk around the building: you can go to the dressing rooms, go down to the lower floors and climb the roof of the legendary building. Scenario excursions written specifically for theatrical night.

In the Rostov Philharmonic "Night of Arts" will be held from 19.00 to 23.00. Scheduled dance master classes, literary and musical compositions and interactive programs from artists of the philharmonic society, exhibitions of works of Don photographers and artists, art therapy classes, theater miniatures from Rostov actors, jazz jam sessions, contests, quizzes, invitation cards.

In the Novocherkassk museum of the history of the Don Cossacks there will be an action "Portrait for memory", a quest game for children and adults "Treasures of the Wild Field". For history lovers a lecture "Some pages from the life of the founder of the museum" will be held. The Ataman Palace prepared exclusive excursions for visitors: "The faces of the Don rulers" and "Donskoy Hermitage - masterpieces of the Renaissance". Visitors can find an old treasure in the halls of the museum and play in an old lotto with prizes. In the evening there will be a tour of the palace with unexpected incidents "Riddle of the Cavalry Lady".

In the Taganrog Art Museum a special program "Under the cover of art" was developed. Eight events are planned from 14.00 to 20.00. There will be thematic lectures and excursions on the museum's expositions. Children will be told about the Russian traditions of tea drinking and receiving guests. Against the background of the exhibition "Ivan Aivazovsky. 200 Years of Triumph "will be an artistic and musical evening dedicated to the works of the great seascape artist. The action will end with a twilight art tour - an exclusive excursion with flashlights.

In the Aksai Military History Museum the action "Night of the Arts" will take place on the territory of the museum complex "Postal Station". On this day the museum is open until 20.00. The tour of the exhibition will tell about the relationship of man with nature, the use of its stocks by man.

In the Kamensky Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts and Folk Art there will be two exhibitions dedicated to the Year of Ecology: the interactive "Sociable Zoo" and "Exotic Butterflies". In the exhibition hall fragments of documentary films and cartoons about nature will also be demonstrated. An exhibition of arts and crafts of young city artists will open in the foyer of the museum. The action in the museum will last from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Volgodonsk eco-historical museum will work until 23.00. On November 4, new exhibitions will open, jazz and rock concerts will be held, as well as a literary evening dedicated to the poetry of the Silver Age. For children and adults master classes "Monotype with the use of non-standard materials", "Cretaceous bas-reliefs", "Hot batik" are organized.


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