Rostourism marked the Rostov Region on the "Gastronomic Map of Russia"

22 August 2017

In the Rostov region the expedition of the project "The Gastronomic Map of Russia" was visited, the organizer of which is the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation. The team includes professional photographers, videographers and tourist experts. On 18 and 19 August they estimated the potential of the Don region as a gastronomic region.

On the first day, members of the delegation visited the enterprise-driver of the Don industry Rostselmash plant, made a river trip along the Don, and also tasted local cuisine - local cheese products and winemakers.

August 19, guests went on an excursion to the very "heart" of Old Rostov - the famous Central Market.

The completion of the visit was the presentation of the project "Gastronomic Map of Russia". The guests were able to appreciate the famous Don hospitality. In Azov, a real feast was organized: a "people's table", on which there were local delicacies for every taste. This is the traditional donkey's ear, and boiled crayfish, the main symbol of the Don River - fish in all kinds - baked sazan, pike cutlets, herring, sturgeon. They treated guests with kvass in Petrovsky style and Azov specialty - honey sbit, infused with 33 herbs (the local restaurateurs went to the Hermitage for a recipe).

According to the coordinator of the federal project "Gastronomic Map of Russia" Ekaterina Shapovalova, the Rostov region became the first region in the south, which falls on the gastronomic map.

"The Rostov region from the first minutes begins to inspire. Obviously, we do not all know about the country, and our task is to find in each region exactly those unique moments that distinguish it from all others. For example, we clearly understood that the northernmost vineyards are in the Rostov region, and this is the main difference. Everyone should learn about this, as well as about the amazing Don cheese, unique fish dishes. In parallel, we get acquainted with the history of our country's culture. On the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we should talk about gastronomy, because guests need to know not only international or all-Russian cuisine, but also local cuisine, "said Ekaterina Shapovalova.

Now the gastronomic "visiting card" of the Rostov region will be included in the interactive map of the Russian Federation, where the most complete and up-to-date information on the capabilities of Russian regions in the field of gastro tourism will be presented. This map will be available in several foreign languages ​​on the National Tourist Portal Russia.Travel. The map will include farms and food production enterprises, restaurants and cafes specializing in local cuisine, as well as themed tourist routes.

"The tourist industry is an industry of impressions. The tourist will return or not in this or that location, depends, first of all, on those emotions that he could get. As you know, one of the strongest impressions is gastronomic, tasteful, "said the Minister of Economic Development Maxim Papushenko. "We are striving to ensure that our famous Don hospitality could literally" taste ": we develop gastronomic tourism, introduce wine tourist routes, and promote the Slowfood movement."

Recall, this year the Rostov region is recognized as the third most popular gastronomic region of the summer with the festival "Don's Ear". In addition, our region entered the TOP-100 of popular tourist brands in Russia with gastronomic "chips" - the famous ear and Don's delicacy - crayfish.


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