Information can be seen in the section "Edge Donskoy", the Don Souvenirs point.
If for the section the photo gallery is set, the link on it is displayed in the left column when viewing the section. The link is one at random the photo chosen from gallery.
Information can be seen in the section "Geography of the Rostov Region", the Cities and Areas point.

You can send any questions and comments with " Feedback " form.

It is possible to download the register of objects of tourist infrastructure in the Microsoft Excel format having clicked an inscription "Tourist infrastructure" both in presentation, and in branch parts of a portal, and then to select the necessary item from the list.

You can find information about upcoming tourist events by clicking on the link "Tourist events" from the main page of both the Presentation and Industry pages of the portal

For this purpose, from the main page go to "Don Land" section, and then select "Museums" from the menu on the left side of the page

To learn more about the scheme of the route, look through the general information about the tourist centers of the route, and leave your impressions about travelling in the Don land you can in the "Don Silver Horseshoe" section, from the main page of the Presentation site

This information can be found in "Investment in Tourism" in the Industry part of the portal

Detailed information can be found in "Geography of Rostov Region" section by clicking on the link "International and Regional Cooperation"

If you would like to post your photos and videjos you should sent its to oor e-mail and we will post it dontourism@yandex.ru

No, you should contact with organizers, tyeir contacts are after each announcement

Yes, sure. Nowdays it takes place in two nomination: "The Best Informational site" and "The Best site of the Year". You can move  to page of the competitions by banner in the lower right of the page. Results of the competition will be annouced at the end of year.

You can find this information in department "Tourism Types in Rostov Region", item Water.

Of course! You can see in the tourist infrastructure, section food item's

No, our portal such competitions are not hold. Perhapsit will be able in the future.

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Don fish soup holiday is annually holiday.  Yuo can find information in the calendar of tourist events and press releases of the holiday.

You can find contact information, going to the industry part of the portal, then going to Department of Business ща Rostov Region,  Employees

Information about upcoming Don beauty pageants is placed in Announcements. After the contest ends, results are published in News section. A detail of all Don beauty contests you can read in Don Beauties part.

You can find this information in  "Geography of Rostov region," item "Cities and regions".

If photo gallery  is set for department, link to it is displayed in the left column when viewing the topic. Link represents one randomly selected from the photo gallery.

Such information is displayed at  "Land of the Don," item "Don Souvenirs."

You can read this information in department "Don land", "The Don habits and way".

Of course! You can find on the Don Tourism site everything ... and even recipes of traditional Don dishes! You should go from main page of the site to part "Don Land" and then select "Don Cuisine." It can be found over forty best ancient Cossack recipes and see colorful gallery and ... may be you will decide to make something!

Yes, of course! We will be very glad if you decide to leave a review of our site, state the wishes or share impressions about visit of the Don region! Especially as it is easy to make it. For this purpose you need to pass from the homepage into the section of the site "Silver Horseshoe of Don", then to select the Responses (Impressions) item then to follow the link "Leave Impression" located below pages. There, after filling of necessary fields, you will be able to keep without effort your text and, thus, to bring a contribution in registration and the maintenance of our site!
A lot of events will be held in Rostov region during the Christmas holidays