The Don Cuisine

Soup pea in Cossack

300g. dried peas (only whole, not hulled), 300-500g. bacon, 1 carrots, couple of average bulbs, hot spices (I recommend "Mix of pepper" from Pripravycha, rather fragrant and moderately sharp set there), 2-3 small tomatoes, fresh (are desirable) fennel, half of loaves of "gray" bread on crackers.
Way of preparation
- we presoak the first step in cold (!) water 150-200g. peas. If you put to be presoaked since evening, preparation of soup will go quicker If isn't present, then a soaking minimum - 2-3 hours.
Step of the second: we take a large pan (4-5 liters), we fill in on the 2nd water, we bring it to boiling and we pour out peas. We diminish fire to such an extent that boiling was not strong - differently we will lose all water ahead of time. Our purpose - to cook peas to a condition of mashed potatoes. Usually on it 1.5-2 hours leave (in case peas staid killed all night long, it is less). Time 15 minutes it is necessary to stir slowly. In case of active evaporation of water don't hesitate of it to add to initial level.
At once after a step of the second we presoak the second portion of peas (that remained from previously prepared 300g), previously its washout.
Step the third: After the first consignment of peas turned into mashed potatoes, we add waters and we throw the second party.
At once we start gas station - small we chop onions, on a large grater we rub carrots. Healthy Kuban Cossacks it is business fry, but it is necessary to consider that soup will already contain a lot of fat from pork brisket, therefore it especially on a discretion.
We cut brisket on small plates (it is previously possible to cut lengthways, if brisket too wide in your opinion).
Remember that the second consignment of peas shouldn't boil soft and collapse at all! Therefore diagnose a condition of the whole peas "on tooth" more often (if you often prepare this dish, you will be able to do it and "approximately").
As soon as readiness of peas is close to the final - we throw onions with carrots, and in minute and the cut brisket, we add seasonings (begin with 1 teaspoon, if necessary you will add). We allow to boil on weak fire of minutes 5, we check regarding salinity (often brisket happens very salty therefore we add salt only after it is boiled thoroughly"), we add our tomatoes cut on small segments (or ringlets if the tomatoes extended), chopped fennel, we mix and we switch off fire.
It is necessary to cover and leave soup for 15 minutes.