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City Administration

346007, city of Rostov-On-Don, Bolshaya Sadovaya st., 47.

Phone numbers: (863) 244-13-23.


General information

Rostov-On-Don is Rostov region and the South Russia administrative center; it is a port of five seas, a south Russian significant industrial and cultural center, and an important junction of transportation highways.


The city was founded in 1749 on the right hilly bank of the Don River, 46 km away from the Don confluence with the Azov Sea. In the beginning, there was only customs zone on this site, then in 1760 began the fortress construction for south Russian boarders’ protection, named after the Rostov and Yaroslavl metropolitan Dmitry. The settlements arising around the fortress were named as town Rostov-on-Don in August 17 1807 in the Emperor Alexander the First Decree.

Geographic Outline

The city area is 354 km2, the population is more than 1.058 million people. The city is located 1226 km away from Moscow, in the center of transportation highways, giving access to three seas – the Black, Azov, Caspian; and connection to the CIS European part, Transcaucasia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The city has a n international airport with the passenger traffic of 4,5 billion passenger-kilometers.


Rostov-On-Don is a south Russian political, economic and cultural center, possessing a significant industrial, banking, commercial and scientific potential. According to the 2007 data, the city achieved the largest increase in industrial production – 45,8 % among other regional towns.

The economic partnership bilateral agreements between the city administration and the city enterprises were found to be effective. At present, the pilot collaboration project is being in process in the enterprise group, including “Horizont”, PC, Champaign Wines Plant, “RostovBumaga” PC, Brewery, garment factory, Dairy Products Plant, etc.

The Municipal Duma provided tax benefits for technical innovations introduction to the “Don Tobacco” PC to maintain the nearly single left domestic enterprise of the Russian tobacco industry.

The city trademarks are the following enterprises: “Rostcelmash” PC, “Rostvertol” PC, “Baltika-Don”, PC, “Don Tobacco”, “Yug Rusi”.


Rostov-On-Don took an active part in the investment project “Public Transportation in Russia”, proposed by the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development. Rostov was among the 15 Russian cities granted by the investment credit for the program realization of municipal public transportation stabilization.

The municipal transport along with the private transportation enterprises helps to solve the municipal transportation problems.

Social sphere

The contemporary Rostov provides the healthcare services level equal to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

In recent years, the city education system structure was repeatedly innovated by creation of new type educational institutions, providing education updated to the modern life demands.

In total, Rostov has 288 municipal educational institutions.

They are : 12 lyceums, 4 gymnasiums, 13 private new type educational institutions, 19 complexes “kindergarten and school”, 5 children centers, 10 specialized linguistic kindergartens, 11 specialized art kindergartens, 8 humanitarian ecological kindergartens, 14 complementary kindergartens.

17 secondary schools provide profound study of particular subjects, 5 of them have complementary education classes, 58 of them have higher educational institutions oriented programs.

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