Neklinovskiy District

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346830, Rostov region, Neklinovskiy District, village Pokrovskoe, Parkoviy lane, 1.

Phone number: (86347) 3-11-42, (86347) 3-12-98. Fax: (86347) 3-12-98.

Geographic Outline

Neklinovskiy District is situated to the southwest of Rostov region. Its territory extension from east to west consists 100 km, from south to north - 30 km. The district has a unique geographical location. Its western part boarders with Ukraine, the customs control check point is located in village Veselo-Voznesensk. The district territories surround the second largest town of Rostov region, town of Taganrog, the district administrative center, village Pokrovskoe, lies only 75 km away from Rostov-on-Don. The Neklinovskiy District boarders with Matveevo-Kurganskiy, Rodionovo-Nesvetayskiy, Myasnikovskiy and Azovskiy districts of Rostov region. About 100 km of the district southern territory is washed by the Taganrog bay.

The distance from village Pokrovskoe to town of Mariupol is 133 km, to the nearest Russian towns – to Azov – 101 km, to Taganrog – 24 km, to Bataysk – 88 km.

The distance from the district administrative center to the regional centers of Stavropol and Krasnodar is 427 km and 373 km correspondingly, to Moscow – 1155 km.


The district main trade is agriculture, consisting 84 % of total district production volume.

The district has highly developed grain producing and cattle breeding enterprises, represented by 27 collective farms, 69 food and processing industry enterprises, 204 private farms, 110 gardening associations and over 35 thousand private households. The agricultural enterprises produce winter grains, millet, corn, sunflower, vegetables. The cattle breeding farms manufacture dairy and meat products.

The other district trades include construction and transportation industry enterprises.


Neklinovskiy District has a highly developed transportation net. Its territory is crossed by the federal motorway “Rostov-on-Don - Mariupol”; by two regional motorways “Taganrog – Pokrovskoe” and “Sambek – Matveev Kurgan – Kuybyshevo – Snezhnoe (to the Ukrainian boarder)”.

The Neklinovskiy District territories surround the Taganrog seaport and airport. One of the perspective transportation branches is a seaport construction at the Miusskiy estuary mouth. Due to the advantageous location, the new port can be competitive to the Azov seaports on the Ukrainian territory.

Social sphere

The district educational institutions are famous for the Neklinovskaya aviation school, acknowledged as the best aviation school in Russia. Basing on a special program, the school provides flying training for more than 230 cadets from all parts of Russia. About 90 % of the school graduates become military aviators afterwards.

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