Indian dancing show BOLLYWOOD EXPRESS

03 November 2014

The most colourful and bright show of year at last goes to Russia!
It is luxury, exotic, dance, humour and unforgettable history of true love.
It is Bollywood in the best manifestations, only is even brighter, even better, even closer. It is grandiose travel by the first class to the country of music, dance and smiles. It is 30 actors who have arrived from Mumbai, more than 500 unforgettable suits and accessories. It is hip-hop, humour and the traditional dances aggregated on one scene by the most talented choreographers and stylists of India and Europe.
Show already became popular in Europe, having especially been pleasant to inhabitants of Paris. Here that Marie France writes: 'If you can visit only one show - go on 'Bollywood the Express. The love a la Bollywood is precisely provided to you!'
The unique show which has collected on one scene of film and telestars of Bollywood, will arrive to Russia this fall. Show duration - 2 hours with an interval.
Don't miss! All miracles of Bollywood in one show!


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