Imperial Collections in the Russian Museum of Ethnography

30 June 2013

       Best of the 20,000 artifacts that have to fund the ethnographic museum, will come from North to South of the capital capital. These are antiques, which collected Alexander III, the last of the collection of the royal family.

The first decades of the formation of the Ethnographic Department of the Russian Museum of Emperor Alexander III inextricably linked to the philanthropic activities of the Romanov family: in 1917 they gave to private collections or purchased specifically for the museum's private collection were a quarter of a ware fund ethnographic department. Imperial SEM consists of a collection of fine art highly artistic works that reflect the national identity of many peoples of the Russian Empire. It includes festive costumes, jewelry, ceremonial weapons, rugs, horse trappings, patterned fabrics, boxes, richly ornamented musical instruments, ceremonial objects and more. This collection presents a picture of a focused and noble work of the imperial family, seeking to know the culture of the peoples of Russia and its monuments preserve for future generations.



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