Exposition "Azov fortress from Peter the Great to Barclay de Tolly"

03 November 2017

In 1774, according to the Kuchuk-Kainarji peace treaty between Russia and Turkey, the Azov fortress was assigned to the Russian Empire. "Cemetery the Great Azov" named Catherine the Great in one of her letters to Voltaire, assessing its significance for Russia. Exposition "Azov fortress from Peter I to Barclay de Tolly" tells about what events preceded this important political victory. The Azov campaigns of Peter the Great, the first Russian navy, the longstanding opposition of Russia and Turkey for the right to possess Azov, the political and military victories of the Russian state are the themes reflected in the exposition.

The history of the fortress is opened to visitors by more than 700 exhibits, including examples of armament from the XVII-XIX centuries, the reconstruction of military uniforms of the Russian army, replicas of military banners, engravings, portraits of emperors, military and state figures, maps, models of ships, items related to construction and the life of the Azov fortress, numerous coins and awards.

A significant part of the exhibits are genuine: weapons, about 70 coins and a plaster cast from the work of Maria Kalo for the monument "The Bronze Horseman".

The exhibition is held in the Azov Historical-Archeological and Paleontological Museum-Reserve, address: Azov, ul. Moscow, 38/40.


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