The Rostov Zoo

Rostov-on-Don, Zoological Street, 3
How to get here

39.673047, 47.249504

+7 (863) 232-82-91

View over 5,000 animals, including some very rare species, at Rostov Zoo, one of the largest zoos in Russia.

The zoo is a member of 37 programs involved in the conservation of endangered animals, and was one of the first zoos in Europe to breed white-tailed eagles. See tigers, lions, pygmy hippopotamus, Asian elephants, the exotic Dagestan and Bezoar goats, Siamese crocodiles, flamingos, and more.

Check out the aquarium area with its rare freshwater stingrays, as well as a variety of turtles, Central Asian snakes, and reptiles from Africa and America.

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