Don winery "Villa zvezda"

Farm Small Martynovka, Administrativnaya st., 13a
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41.836043, 47.33622

+7 (86395)35 4 90

"Villa Zvezda" is a new generation winery, built in 2012 in the geographical area "Don Valley". Own vineyards are located on an area of ??about 100 hectares in a unique terroir between the rivers Sal and Don and consist mainly of Don native varieties. The vineyards of the winemaking economy are located in the Martynovsky district of the Rostov region, on the Malaya Martynovka farm.

The Don Winery "Villa Zvezda" is the first project on the Don, carried out for 2 years "from scratch" and "first sign" of the revival of the unique Don winemaking!

The Don Winery "Villa Zvezda" of the new generation will present the guest with the whole chain of the production process from the grape berries selection stage to the bottling of the bottle. Modern vinifikatory and real professionals of their business will give an exhaustive idea of ??how the real Don wine is born. In the spacious tasting room of the winery there is a dinner, which includes dishes from fish, young lamb, Salovian crayfish.

The program of visiting the winery includes: going to the vine plantations and viewing the territory from the height of the observation tower, the excursion to production halls, wine tasting, lunch with traditional dishes of Don cuisine.

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