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Don ukha (fish soup) is a gastronomic brand of the Rostov region. There is no single recipe for the soup. Everyone has his own, special recipe. Some of them are passed from generation to generation, that is why the amateur cooks reluctantly share the secrets of cooking. Someone says that a good ukha starts with a successful fishing, someone thinks that you need to add more vegetables and spices, some says the main thing is to cook with the soul, but everyone agrees: the most important thing is the fresh fish.

The festival «Don ukha» is held annually, which gathers the inhabitants of all settlements and farms of the Azov region, where the participants compete for the title in such nominations as «The most unexpected recipe», «The most invigorating», «The fishing ukha», «The richest» «The most traditional», «Imperial», «Don» and many others. And the audience enjoys not only the cooked soup, but also rest on the sandy bank of the Don River, take part in games on interactive playgrouds, sing and dance along with the invited artists.

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