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Address: Rostov-on-Don, an input in Gorky Park from B. Sadovaya Street 
In January, 2007 in Rostov-on-Don published the new city program: to fill Rostov with small architectural forms - the city sculptures embodying in metal certain images. One of such compositions appeared near famous "Pedlar" - at an input in Gorky Park from Bolshaya Sadovaya Street.
Performers of new idea - the Rostov workshops of Tarasenko. The bronze sculpture "Florist", quite so is called this composition, represents the girl with a basket and a flower of a rose in a hand. There is a judgement that as a pre-image of the heroine of sculptural composition the blind flower girl from the old movie "Fires of the Big City" with Charlie Chaplin served. And judging by a frame from the movie it is quite possible...
It isn't surprising that this sculpture was set in Rostov, in the city where grows a large number of roses. The truth the bouquet in a hand at the girl is so small that some call it "The girl with ice cream". Judging by the sections given a high polish on shoulders and a waist "Florist" managed to become the heroine not of one hundred photos, but modeled it at all not full-scale is an optical illusion. If you start to be photographed with it in an embrace, consider that this crumb is slightly higher than average man's height.

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