Barrow of Glory

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The 4 bayonets, shot up into the sky, symbolize the 4 sanguinary years of the Great Patriotic war. The Eternal Flame was located in the center, beside was the concrete hemisphere with the attached metal letters saying “No one and nothing is forgotten!”. The stone staircase descended from the exterior hemisphere, ending at stone plates with the image of the Hero of Soviet Union Star and the list of Hero Towns: Moscow, Leningrad, etc. The concrete plate with the data on the losses of Novocherkassk citizens during the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 was located beside the exit from the Barrow of Glory.

Despite the fact that there were practically no burials of soldiers, killed during the Great Patriotic war within the site, the Barrow of Glory remained for many years the memorial place of grief.

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