Fortress shafts with the Alekseevsky Gates

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Fortress shafts with the Alekseevsky Gates are the remarkable monuments of military engineering and architecture, that witnessed the Don Cossack siege of the 17th century and Azov military campaigns of Peter the Great.

 The Alekseevsky Gates of the Azov fortress (18th century) in the beginning were made of wood, later on reconstructed as stone gates (1801-1805). The Gates were finally reconstructed in the 20th century.

 The nearby memorial boards and monuments create a peculiar historical preserve area, emphasizing the connection of various historical epochs.

The Azov citizens call the old fortress construction the Turkish shaft. After the number of Russian-Turkish battles for the Azov fortress possession that lasted about one hundred years, the town of Azov officially became a part of the Russian Empire in 1774.

 The legends say the shaft was constructed by the most primitive means of those times – the human hands and hats.

 At present, this site offers the amazing view on the Don river delta, that became the favorite place for tourists, kids and romantic dates.

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