The Hookean museum of local lore of miner's work

Gukovo, Kovalyov St., 49
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39.94853, 48.055419

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The museum is unique in own way, the only thing in the country telling about origin and development of carbon production about the people who made the contribution to this hard business. 
The museum of local lore was created on the basis of the school museum under the leadership of Leonid Ivanovich Mikulin. In 1965 it was solemnly open in Day of the Miner and accepted the first visitors. In 2000 it was renamed into the Museum of miner's work. 
The history of the museum totals some tens years and is inseparably linked with development of carbon production in East Donbass. The beginning of accumulation of mine exhibits belongs to 1950. In 2000 collected material formed the basis of the Museum of miner's work.

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