Chekhov’s Museum of Literature

Taganrog, Octoberskay street, 9
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A.P. Chekhov’s Museum of Literature at Oktyabrskaya st. 9, is situated at the building of the former boys’ classic gymnasium, one of the oldest educational institutions in Russia. The building is the historic and architectural monument of the first half of the 19th century. The building was erected in 1843, by the architect Boffo project, in the Russian provincial classicism style.

The most famous gymnasium graduates in different years were: poet N. Tsherbina, painter K. Savitskiy, mortar inventor L. Gobyato, one of the first Moscow Art Academic Theatre actors A. Vishnevskiy, composers S. Maykopar and V. Zakharov. The gymnasium best-known graduate was A.P. Chekhov, who studied there from 1868 to 1879.

музей чехова в таганроге

The memories of the gymnasium years were reflected in such works by Chekhov as “This and that”, “Runaway”, “Language Teacher”, “An Occasion with a Classic”, “Ariadna”, “A Man in a Shell” and some others. Up to 1975, the building was occupied by a secondary school #2, named after Chekhov in 1954.

In 1985, due to the A.P. Chekhov’s 125th anniversary, the museum opened the memorial exposition “Writer and Homeland”, judging by the visitors’ reviews, that is one of the best literature memorial expositions in Russia. The memorial part of the exposition is dedicated to the Anton Chekhov’s school years in the gymnasium, and the educational system in the pre-revolutionary Russia. The literature part tells about Chekhov’s creative work, his life in Moscow, Melikhov, Yalta, his journeys to Sakhalin and abroad, and about the writer’s worldwide acknowledging.

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