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Rostov regional Museum of Local lore is one of the largest museums in Rostov region. The Museum is glad to offer the visitors a rich variety of exhibition choices – the biggest sturgeon, caught in the Don river, adorable golden jewelry of the proud Amazons, the peculiar world of the Cossacks’ history and traditions, the retro sites of Rostov-on-Don – the Bolshaya Sadovaya street, and the music salon of the 19th – beginning of 20th century, the old-style hand-organs , made in Rostov-on-Don, references and materials, dedicated to the Civil war period White and Red Army commanders, to the peculiarities of the post-revolution NEP period on the Don land and to the Great Patriotic War history, and, finally, information about the contemporary situation in Rostov region.

The history of the Rostov regional Museum of local lore foundation roots back to the 19th century, the idea of the Museum opening in the large merchant town was introduced by the town major Andrey Matveevich Baykov in 1865.

The museum was opened in a building, located at Dumskiy lane, 5, on May 1, 1910, owing to active support from the local scientists, historians, the town Duma deputies, sponsors and donators. A.A. Miller, the Russian museum keeper of the Alexander III period, wrote in 1910: “The Rostov-on-Don cultural citizens supported the institution foundation that will contribute to the research, collecting and preservation of the local monuments of the past.”

The first museum collections were assembled by the Rostov-on-Don History, Antiquity and Nature Society, established in 1909, that was headed by famous historians – M.B. Krasninskiy and the boys’ gymnasium teacher A.M. Ilyin. The museum workers carried out photo fixation of the Rostov destructions, collected samples of the military engines and armor immediately after the city liberation from the Nazi occupation on February 14, 1943. In 1943, the Regional Museum was unified with the Revolution Museum, whose building and collections were also destroyed. Due to the absence of an appropriate museum building in the demolished town, the museum was temporally transferred to town of Taganrog. The museum got the new location in Rostov only in the 1950th, established at a mansion, that formerly belonged to the agricultural engines trading firm “Gelferich - Sade”, situated at the Rostov-on-Don central street Engelsa (at present – Bolshaya Sadovaya). The Rostov regional Museum of Local Lore grand opening at the new site was held on November 7, 1957, after the renovation and reconstruction works, carried out at the building.

The museum collections, comprising over 200 thousand Don land cultural and historical monuments, from Paleontology to modern times, are of significant scientific and historical importance and attract not only visitors, but researchers as well. The museum collections were successfully exhibited in Japan, Switzerland, Scotland, France, Germany, Poland, etc.

At present, the museum is creating a new historical exposition, works on a new international project, and continuously enriches its collections with 4-5 thousand items per year. The museum scientific workers carry out various scientific researches, publish articles compilations, popular-science literature and textbooks. Every year, at the end of the summer research period, the museum organizes the Don land archeological meetings. Since 2001, the Museum became a member of the Russian Museum Union.

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