Ecological and Historical Museum of Volgodonsk

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Ecological and Historical Museum of Volgodonsk is the largest state museum in the eastern part of Rostov region.

The museum complex comprise three branches, two museum buildings with 12 exposition halls in the center of Volgodonsk and a separate ethnography complex “Cossack traditional home of the 19th century” with the yard, located at village Krasnoyarskaya (within the town territory). The Museum of the Don land folklore, arts and crafts history was opened on the complex grounds, September 19, 2003.

The Ecological and Historical Museum of Volgodonsk funds include over 70 thousand displays: natural science, paleontology, archeology collections, a unique collection of applied art items, paintings, graphics, ethnography articles, coins, documents and references, photo and video materials, science and techniques samples, rare books collection. The Museum expositions and displays present a part of this collection. One of the most interesting expositions is devoted to the collection of the Old Russian and Don land icons of the 16th – beginning of 20th centuries. A part of this collection is exhibited at the exposition “The Don land Orthodox Icons”. The exhibition displays feature amazing restored samples of the Moscow, Siberia, Don, Vladimir, Pskov and other icon painting schools; the “northern style” icons, wooden sculptures, the cult metal plastics items of the 15th – beginning of the 20th centuries.

The Museum presents a breathtaking exhibition “The Gallant Age Heritage”, comprising several collections: art and domestic metal items, glass and ceramics items. The visitors can enjoy wonderful golden, silver, bronze masterpieces, created in various styles by Russian and European artisans of 18th – beginning of 20th centuries. One of the most valuable collections is the porcelain collection, featuring an exquisite variety of faience, majolica, porcelain and glass articles, created in various technologies: the famous “baccara”, rare “galle”, uranium, curved, Venetian, Chrystal, multi-layer, mat and transparent.

Among the most popular expositions are: “Memory of the Centuries (the regional archeology monuments)”, “The lower Don current nature”, “Following the Dinosaurs’ traces (the paleontology discoveries at the Volgodonsk district)”, “The Past of the Tsymla”, “What the Shells tell about” (over 600 items), “Military Memorabilia” and many others.

The Cossack traditional home” building itself is the architectural monument of the 19th century. The destroyed architectural details were reconstructed after the restoration. The museum yard became the site for various local ethnography and folklore fests.

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