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The Bataysk Historical Museum was founded owing to the active support from all the local enterprises. The Museum grand opening took place in April 22, 1979. The modern two-storey Museum building is situated in one of the most picturesque parts of Bataysk – the culture and recreation park, one of the best parks in Rostov region. Initially, the Museum was entitled the Museum of revolutionary, military and labor fame.

The contemporary museum exposition features are the town history, ethnography, and archeology. The museum has three exposition halls: “Hall of Military Fame”, “Hall of Local Lore” and Exhibition Hall. The Hall of Military Fame presents unique items from the Civil and the Great Patriotic Wars periods. The Bataysk sanctuary, the Memorial Wall with the names of all the town citizens, who died during the Great Patriotic War, is located within the hall territory.

The Bataysk Museum takes pride of the memorial exposition, devoted to the Baranov’s and Serov’s aviation schools history. 104 graduates from the town aviation schools were honored by the Hero of USSR title, five of them were honored with this title twice. The town is proud of its noble citizens. The most famous graduates are the legendary pilot Aleksey Meresiev, Georgiy Dolnikov, the prototype of the well-known story by M. Sholokhov “A Man’s Destiny”, poet Ivan Shamov, who repeated the feat by Nikolay Ostrovskiy.

The museum features interesting exhibition, devoted to the history of Bataysk railway junction, one of the largest in Russia. The Vladikavkaz railway line was constructed in 1875, by the Emperor Alexander II order. Ever since, Bataysk became the gateway to the Caucasus.

The museum has unique ethnography displays, presenting a combination of the local habits and ways in various spheres, agricultural, industrial and cultural.

The Bataysk Historical Museum takes pride of its diverse exhibitions and welcomes all the visitors.

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