Archaeological memorial estate Tanais (Rostov region)

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The reserve Tanais is indeed a unique archaeological monument open-air not only in the Rostov region, but also in all Russia. The memorial estate Tanais is created on a place where once there was the largest cultural and political center of Podonya-Priazovye – Tanais. The city existed a little more than 7 centuries: Tanais was destroyed by the fire. On other of versions the city stopped the existence because of a sudden aggression of tribes of the gothic union. The household items found during excavation, help to light as well as possible all spheres of life of the ancient settlement.
The museum Tanais created on a place of the most ancient city was open in 1961. Undoubtedly, pride of the museum are ruins and ancient Tanais's excavation on which it is possible to walk and examine the destroyed city remains easily.
Small lanes smoothly flow to wide streets, bringing us to the former extensive estates and other residential buildings of once prospering Tanais.
In the hugest territory of the memorial estate Tanais (Rostov region), with a total area of 8500 hectares, it is located some exposition halls acquainting visitors with Tanais's history and his next settlements.
From year to year the archaeological memorial estate Tanais (Rostov region) gets all new historical finds, opening for us the ancient city from the new, unknown side.

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