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The building of Rostov State Musical Theatre the forms reminds an open grand piano. In the city also there is "theater tractor", theater of a traditional Renaissance and baroque look, and also the circus building in style of the Soviet neoclassics. 
Rostov Musical it is located near the intersection of Kirovskogo Avenue and Bolshaya Sadovaya Street. It started being built in the early seventies, and completed generally in 1999 — m, year, anniversary for Rostov. 
Interiors theaters are richer and more various than facades. The big hall on 1100 places, small — on 600 places; spacious foyers, winter garden, spacious lobby; the front wide oar staircase is decorated with the grandiose chandelier of Bohemian glass acquired in Soviet period — everything makes impression of solemnity and splendor.
In the new building since 1999 I began the operation and new theatrical collective where the troupe of the Rostov state theater of the musical comedy joined. The scene of theater saw a set of tour performances, including — foreign and capital troupes.
Uniqueness of "A white grand piano" in Rostov emphasizes existence in the city of two of his predecessors — the Nakhichevan city theater traditional for the end of the XIX century, and theater of M. Gorky, so-called theater tractor of an era of the Soviet industrialization of the XX century.

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