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38.937656, 47.198799

Where is: to the right of seaport of Taganrog on streets Mountain.
There are two versions of an origin of the name "Bugudoniya" – official and national. Official states that "Bugudoniya" is "God the earth this", national – that once there lived the tsar Bugudon from whom and the name went.
This region consists of three streets – the 1st Mountain, the 2nd Mountain and the 3rd Mountain. They say that once still I was also 4, but it already left under water. In spite of the fact that the level of the Sea of Azov is gradually reduced, sometimes there is an inverse process. And ashore washes away houses. For preventing of it constructed a concrete dam here. However, a few years ago, when there was the strong wind and big rising of water, this dam was destroyed and posmyvat many houses. Generally, to live here – one "pleasure".

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