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The Rostovsky state nature reserve has a federal status, its own administration and security, and is subordinated to the Federal Service in the field of nature management; is located in the southeastern part of the Rostov region. Intensive use of land in the European steppes and a deficit of preserved virgin lands in the Rostov region made it necessary to form a reserve of 4 separate sites located in the Orel and Remontnensky districts. The total area of the reserve is 9531.5 hectares. Sites are conditionally named, starting with the western of them: Ostrovnoy, Starikovsky, Krasnopartizansky, Tsagan-Hag.

The Ostrovnoy site is located in the Orel region and covers an area of 4591 hectares. This includes the Vodny (Yuzhny) Island, located in the northwestern end of Lake Manych-Gudilo, the Gorely Island and the adjacent water area of the lake, as well as 10 hectares of the mainland lake shore, opposite the eastern extremity of Vodny Island, around the pioneer camp, including the pioneer camp itself.

Starikovsky reserve site is located in the east of the Orel district. Its area is 2115.4 hectares.

Krasnopartizansky site is located 5 kilometers to the south-east of the Starikovsky site in the Remontnensky district. The total area of the site is 1768.4 hectares.

The Tsagan-Hag site is located in the south of the Remontnensky district. Its area is 990.0 hectares. It's a salt marsh that fills with water in the spring.

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