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Additional information for tourists

As it is correct to choose hotel
The impression of a trip can be strongly spoiled as a result of the thoughtless relation to a problem of a choice of hotel, especially if it is necessary to go along an unknown route to the country in which neither you, nor any of your acquaintances ...
Tourist Memo

Dear Tourist!

You have a wonderful opportunity to take rest from drab existence and get positive experience, enjoying your excursion. An excursion combines a bus and a foot way of travel. To make sure you enjoy your leisure time, we offer ...

Councils for rest on water
The most useful summer vacation - a vacation on the water. On a warm, sunny day and all the cool water beckoning. All rush to swim, sunbathe on the sun-drenched sea beach, on the banks of a river or lake, boating.
Medicines to take with you

Some tourists often question what medicines to bring while traveling.

Please, make sure to bring your regular medicines. Practically all tourists have medical insurance, still, not all the tourists hurry to call for a doctor.

And t ...

Order tickets
The order and booking of tickets for an avia, жд. and bus transport.

1. Aeroflot Don airline

Online booking of air tickets
Help service: +7 (863) 200-19-19
Central offic ...
Car rent

1. “Take a ride!”

Contact info:

2. Customer Service

Contact info ...

Where is better to sit in the plane

Flight - a tedious thing, even when you choose an airline with a high level of service. Neverthe ...

Recipe of a Good Vacation

A good vacation needs a proper preparation: gathering as much information about the place of visit as possible, carefull selection of a companion, and after coming back spending  the day at home to smoothly enter ...


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