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Social tourism

department of investments and business of the Rostov region 
about social tourism during the period from 2008 to 2014
Social tourism and excursions, including for children, were organized within actions of regional programs of development of tourism. In total during 2008 - 2014 at the expense of means of the regional budget more than 75 events for which of means of the regional budget 5,4 million rubles are allocated are held.
In total for the specified period in the sotsturakh 2 907 people from 55 municipalities of area, including 738 adults (408 disabled people and 330 veterans) and 2169 children, from which took part:
  • the orphan children who are under guardianship – 531 persons;
  • disabled children – 468 people;
  • children from needy, large, foster and incomplete homes of-960 people;
  • children without parental support – 210 people.
Programs of tours included accommodation in 2-3-seater hotel rooms with all conveniences, obligatory 3-times food with service, and also excursions with visit of sights, and also entertaining actions, including walks by motor ships, visit of theaters and attractions, participation in quests and quizes.
All routes were developed so that tourists and tourists, getting acquainted with the Don region, left to those territories which are considerably removed from places of their continuous accommodation. Tours were carried out by comfortable buses of a tourist class, if necessary the buses intended for transportation of physically disabled people were provided.
For 2015 and planning period 2016 - 2017 financing on the specified action for the subprogramme "Tourism" of Gosprogramma of RO "Cultural Development and Tourism" is absent.


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