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Calendar of events

Песни над Чиром

Village Bokovskaya (Bokovsky district)
Songs over Chir
Regional Festival of the People's Cossack Song.
Этнографический праздник  «Кружилинская осень»

Farm Kruzhilinsky (Sholokhov district)
Ethnographic holiday "Kruzhilinskaya Autumn"
Autumn festival in the homeland of the Don writer MA. Sholokhov. The event allows you to see with your own eyes the day in the life of the Cossack family, which invites you to "Cossack toloki", which the Cossacks meant - to render friendly assistance in rural work.
Кружилинские толоки

Sholokhov district, farm Kruzhilinsky
Literary and ethnographic holiday "Kruzhilinsky Toloki"
The holiday tells about the peaceful life of the Cossacks, about traditional forms of management, traditions and crafts.
Международный фестиваль народного творчества стран СНГ и Балтии «Содружество»

International Folk Art Festival of CIS and Baltic countries "Commonwealth"
The festival is held in order to popularize traditional forms of amateur creativity.
Международный джазовый фестиваль «Ростовский джаз приглашает!»

XIV International Jazz Festival "Rostov Jazz Invites"
The festival exists since 2003 and annually gathers talented performers from Russia, Israel, the USA, South Korea and other countries. Date: September 15 - 17, 2017.
Праздник  античной культуры  «День Танаиса»

Farm Nedvigovka (Tanais Museum-Reserve)
Celebration of ancient culture "Tanais Day"
The holiday of the archaeological museum-reserve "Tanais", organized on the motives of the eponymous celebration, which was established by the inhabitants of the city-policy Tanais (III century BC - V century AD).

Taganrog (Theater named after A.P. Chekhov)
Theatrical festival "At the homeland of A.P. Chekhov"
The film forum is timed to August 27 - the birthday of the People's Artist of the USSR Faina Ranevskaya, a native of the city of Taganrog. The date is being specified (3 rd decade of September).

Salsk city
IV Festival of National Cultures "Salsk is our common home"
Concert program in the framework of the celebration of the 205th anniversary of the city of Salsk and the 80th anniversary of the Rostov region.

Festival "Sword of the Don"
The festival will host a tournament on historical medieval full-contact battles, in addition, various thematic events will be held.

Farm Pukhlyakovskiy (Ust-Donetsk region)
Ethnographic festival of Don viticulture and winemaking "Don Vine"
The best viticulture and winemaking facilities of the Rostov region are waiting for you. In the center of attention: Don wine, fruits of autumn harvest, honey, souvenirs, grape whistles, interactive platforms and animations, rallies and quests.


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