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The Don Beauties

The common knowledge, that the Rostov girls are the most beautiful girls in Russia was fully proved last year. They managed to win so many beauty contests during several months, that it is even hard to recall all their titles and awards. These girls are the visit card of Rostov! By the way, considering the huge number of the beauty contests winners, coming from Rostov (including “Miss Russia-2003” Victoria Lopyreva and “Miss Universe. Russia-2005” Natalia Nikolaeva) it mught be a new record for the Guinness Book of Records. No other place in Russia has so many beautiful girls as the Don land capital. Hopefully, this fact will be officially proved in the nearest future! Considering the whole region, it is unrivaled to any other country in this respect. 

The FC "Rostov" found "Ms.-2015"
In the competition "Ms. of FC "Rostov"-2015" the victory was won by the 22-year-old student of the Southern federal university Aleksandra Kolotova
The Rostov official Lyudmila Matua became "Mrs. Planeta 2015"!
She so became puzzled of happiness, having heard that her called the winner of competition that not at once stepped on the stage on a ceremony of delivery of a crown of the first married beauty of the world
The Rostov sportswoman reached the final of the track and field athletics World Cup
In Beijing passes the sixth competitive day of the World Cup in track and field athletics
In the Don capital will choose the Rostov beauty
On September 11 within celebration of the City Day of Rostov-on-Don "Image Center" will present to residents of Rostov one of the brightest and interesting events of fall - the annual competition "Rostov Beauty 2015"
Valentina Rasulova from Rostov entered in top-10 the most beautiful girls of Earth
The day before, on Saturday, September 12, in Tbilisi the competition "Ms. Planet-2015" ended.
In Rostov chose beauties of 2015
At once two girls will present the Southern capital at the federal competition "Ms. Russia"
In Rostov will pass the final of a national beauty contest
In "Vertolekspo" will choose "Mrs. Russia by International"
The Rostov handballers again won a victory
In a break between games with Czech "Banik" within EGF Cup they met "Stavropol Territory-SKFU".
In Rostov chose the first beauties
Winners in the nominations "Ms. of Rostov" and "Rostov Beauty" were defined.
Don karate became world champion
The sportswoman from Zelenograd won "gold" among juniors.
The Don beauties fight for a rank "Ms. Russia - 2014"
Оpen Internet vote will define finalists of competition.
The Don sportswoman became the prize-winner of superiority of the world on scuba diving
16-year-old Aleksandra Naumova from Taganrog won "bronze" at competitions of world level.
The Don karateka became world champion
The sportswoman from Zelenograd won "gold" among juniors
Photo model Diana Bulatkina
Diana Bulatkina is a student from Rostov, she is a very beautiful girl and she had always been dreaming to be a model
Model Maria Semkina
She worked as a fashion model, and participated in fashion shows of Moscow Fashion Week
Fashion Model Tatiana Abramenko
A model from Taganrog became a Best Model of the Year in Fashion Olympus 2011International Contest.
Beauty Forum 2008
The 21st exhibition of the open regional contest "Photo model of the Don land" was held from May 14 till June 17 at the exposition hall “Experiment”. The contest presented to the audience a wide row of attractive, fascinating young Rostov citizens, beauti
Beauty of the world 2007
The international beauty contest “Beauty of the world 2007” was won by the representative of Russia, 22-year old citizen of Rostov Elena Potana.
Don Beauty-2007
The grand beauty show took place in Rostov-on-Don on September 14, 2007. Valentina Gazeeva became the most beautiful girl on the Don land.
Miss Tourism RUSSIA 2007
The finals of the “Miss Tourism RUSSIA 2007” contest was held in Sochi on June 28. Rostov citizen, 19-year old Maria Fedorova won the main prize.
Don Cossack Woman
“Don Cossack Woman” is the only beauty contest in Russia, based on folklore traditions. The sponsors aim to find not the other “cover-girl” miss, but the true life ideal.
Miss Russia - 2006
Miss Universe. Russia - 2005
Miss Russia - 2003
Rostov Beauty - 2002


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