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The Rostov Academic drama theater of Maxim Gorky
It is considered to be a date of creation of theater on June 23, 1863 when the first representation of stationary drama troupe took place. The building of theater is built in 1935, is regenerated after war in 1963.
The Don
The Don, the river in the European part of Russia. The river source lies in the eastern slopes of the Mid-Russian upland, at the town of Novomoskovsk of the Tula region. The river length is about 1890 km, the river flows into the Taganrog bay of the Azov
State Wildlife preserve Rostovsky
The “ROSTOVSKY” wildlife preserve is the unique wildlife etalon, attracting the visitors by the sea of blooming feather grass, silent salt lakes, peculiar vegetation and animal life world.
“Donskoy” Wildlife Park
The state wildlife preserve area of the Rostov region “Donskoy Wildlife Park” was established after the decree of the Rostov region administration on September 08, 2005.
Manych-Gudilo Lake
The Manych-Gudilo Lake is the largest lake of Rostov region, has the relict, tectonic origin, also called as the “saucer-lake”.
The Azov Sea
The Azov sea is the northeastern side basin, connected with the Black sea with the Kerch Strait (the Cimmerian Bosporus at the ancient times) 4,2 km wide. It is the most shallow sea in the world with the depth of about 15 meters.
Ramparts with Alekseevsky gate
Ramparts with Alekseevsky gate - interesting monuments of military and engineering art, witnesses of obsidional sitting of the Don Cossacks (XVII century) and the Azov campaigns of Peter the Great
Powder cellar
The powder cellar in Azov was constructed in 1799
Cossack Bulanov's mill
Exact time of construction of a mill of Cossack N. N. Bulanov isn't known
Regimental temple of the Azov icon of the Mother of God
It is constructed in 2006 by day of the 365 anniversary of the Azov obsidional sitting on blessing of the archbishop Panteleymon, with assistance of the governor V. Chuba, the ataman of Army Don V. Vodolatsky and the mayor of Azov S. Bezdolnyarrival to ho


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