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Contemporary Azov is a cozy, small and very green town, with the industrial zone situated outside of the living area. The old historical part of the town still has the elements of the Azov fortress built in 18th century – the fortress walls, ditch, and the Alekseevkiy gates. The Azov historical monuments are protected by the government and administration.

Bataysk is a small town located on the junction of ancient land and water trade ways. Nowadays, it is one of the largest sorting yards in the South of Russia. The town is decorated by many trees, flowers and other plants.

Donetsk is a town of regional subordination, situated to the north-west of Rostov region, at the north-west spurs of the Donetsk mountain-ridge, on the river Severskyi Donets and boarders with Krasnodonskyi district of the Ukrainian Lugansk region

Gukovo is one of the Rostov region miner's towns. Its foundation in 1878 was due to the Gukovo coal-field development. Ever since, its history is closely related to the mining industry history of Russia.

Kamensk-Shakhtinskyi is a large industrial center of Rostov region. The town has a rectangular outline, asphalted, break and crushed rock streets. The majority of downtown houses are basically two – or four – storey, there are several nine-storey buildings.

Novocherkassk is one of large towns in the South of Russia. It is peculiar not only in its glorious history, but also in remarkable features: outline, architecture, unique historical monuments. Novocherkassk was designed and founded in 1805 as a new capital for the Don Cossacks Army Region

Novoshakhtinsk is the East Donets Basin industrial center. The town foundation was due to the large anthracite-fields.

Rostov-on-Don is Rostov region and the South Russia administrative center; it is a port of five seas, a south Russian significant industrial and cultural center, and an important junction of transportation highways.

Shakhty is the third of the largest regional towns after Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog. The town population is 249,1 thousand people, the town territory area is 158,3 km².

Taganrog is a large industrial, cultural and scientific center and one of the significant sea ports in the South of Russia.


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