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Top / Types of tourism of the Rostov region
The Rostov region – edge of the rich and nice Russian of history, the generous nature, original Cossack culture, talented and hospitable people. The area in the southeast of the European part of Russia, in the basin of the lower Don is located. It is formed – on September 13, 1937. The area – bolee100,8 thousand An administrative center – the city of Rostov-on-Don (which population over 1 million people) – large industrial, cultural and scientific center, important knot in which the largest overland and water thoroughfares are crossed. Distance from Rostov-on-Don to Moscow – 1226 km. Political and social stability, the commonwealth more than 100 nationalities occupying the Don earth turned the Rostov region into one of the most dynamically developing regions of the Russian Federation.
Tourists, traveling on area, get acquainted with the richest historical past and the present of steppes, its sights, poetic legends and identity of the Don Cossacks. For convenience of travel across the Rostov region and viewing of the most interesting sights, special tourist routes are developed. It is possible to examine them on the map of the Rostov region.
The unique archaeological memorial estate Tanais – the keeper of ancient culture of Scythians and Sarmatians is widely known in Russia and abroad.
One of the most ancient cities of Don is Azov where the fighting glory of the Russian fleet began.
The city of Taganrog – the homeland of the great Russian writer Anton Chekhov is rich with monuments of culture and architecture.
In the city of Novocherkassk, the capital of Vseveliky army of Donskoy, the only museum of the Don Cossacks in Russia settles down.
The village Veshenskaya – not only the most beautiful corner of the Don nature and the Cossack history, but also the homeland of the Nobel Prize laureate writer Mikhail Sholokhov.
It was long since moved that we are glad to the guest on Don. Would you like to organize an official dinner or to you to liking the relaxed atmosphere of a lunch with the friends, whether you want to try refined dishes of a local cuisine or you prefer kitchen for gourmets – cooks and culinary specialists will pleasantly surprise with the skill and will feed you always with the fresh, carefully prepared, correctly balanced and exclusively tasty food.
A large number of hunting, trade animals and birds, fascinating fishing, thoroughbred donchaki-horses will bring special pleasure to fans of active recreation.
Your idea of fine rest can be rather simple: to be in a state of bliss outdoors, to take pleasure in masterpieces of a local cuisine, to relax in a hotel room. But if, besides all this, you want to encourage the body, we offer you the world of realization of opportunities "for strengthening of mind and body": sports clubs, saunas, pools; fishing and hunting; horse-racing actions.
Many Russians don't suspect that behind health it is possible to go not only to resorts of known Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region and Krasnodar Krai. In the territory of the Rostov region 24 types of the mineral waters used as drinking medical and medical and table are revealed; there are stocks of the mineral waters used for external application.
For one travel across the Rostov region it is possible to see many interesneshikh of sights of Russia. If you want to touch the Don sources, to breathe an open air, to try the well-known Cossack fish soup, to taste excellent Don wines, to see folklore Cossack holidays, – come to us to the region of the Quiet Don. At us to eat than be proud and what to show to guests.


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