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Silver horseshoe of Don

Regional tourist route in Rostov region

Dear friends!
On this web-page we present electronic versions of the guides with navigational coordinates on the routes that we recommend for traveling across Rostov region. We prepare these guides annually in the framework of the existing regional tourism development program. Their authors are not just professionals, but also active travelers who paved lots of new routes across Don region, which they love and sincerely want you to discover all its corners!
There are also videos – interesting since they were made at different times and in different formats. Crews of federal TV channels and local studios worked with great enthusiasm. We appreciate their work and use it in advertising on the federal, regional and satellite TV channels.
With regards to growing consumer demand for tourism and recreation in the Rostov region, we have a great desire to create a comfort information field for all tourists making it compatible with modern mobile devices.
We would appreciate if you find some time to share your impressions, experiences with us or give us a good advice. We wish you brilliant and positive impressions! Welcome to the South of Russia – to Rostov region!
Inna Shinkin
Head of the Tourism Section of Investment and Business Dept.
of Rostov region

Guides about the Rostov region
Дельта Дона
Delta of the Don
(pdf, 30 Мб)
Цимлянские берега. Путеводитель по г. Волгодонску, Волгодонскому и Цимлянскому районам
Tsimlyansk coast
(pdf, 9,9 Мб)


Сердце Дона. Путеводитель по Усть-Донецкому району
Ust-Donetskiy District
(pdf, 12,3 Мб)


Тихий Дон. Путеводитель по Шолоховскому району
Sholokhovskiy District
(pdf, 5,1 Мб)


Путеводитель: Таганрог 2013
Taganrog 2013
(pdf, 5,9 Мб)


Путеводитель: Новочеркасск
(pdf, 14,3 Мб)


M4 Don, M23
(pdf, 5,9 Мб)


Трасса М21. Ростовская область
(pdf, 13,9 Мб)


The route Volgograd - Krasnodar
(pdf, 4,3 Мб)


Справочник делового туриста. Ростовская область
Directory of business travelers
(pdf, 3,5 Мб)




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