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Results of the competition "Leaders of the Tourist's Industry of Don — 2014"
On September 25, 2014 on the eve of celebration of the World day of tourism at a state reception in the Rostov public meeting rewarding of winners of the regional professional competition "Leaders of the Tourist's Industry of Don  2014" took place.
02 October 2014
The archaeological museum will appear in Rostov-on-Don
In Rostov-on-Don it is planned to open the museum of archeology, it will become branch of the Rostov regional museum of local lore.
30 September 2014
The Don Rod festival came to the end
On September 27 in Ust-Donetsk the area the grandiose tourist holiday – an ethnographic festival of wine growing and winemaking "The Don rod" took place.
29 September 2014
On September 27 World Day of tourism
Interest in the horizon, new opening and bright impressions of people shows since the most ancient times.
25 September 2014
On a site of the Youzhny airport archeologists found scatterings of gold coins
The scattering of gold coins was found at excavation of a barrow near the Grushevsky street of the rural settlement where in some years there will be an airport Youzhny complex.
25 September 2014
On Don for the third time I passed a regional festival of ecological tourism "The sung steppe"
On Don passed a festival of ecological tourism "The sung steppe". Organizers – the ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Rostov region, Live Steppe Nature association, the national natural biospheric park "Rostov" and the center of assistance to ecological initiatives of "Ekomost".
23 September 2014


Panic Room - Halloween 2014
On October 30 in Rostov - on - Donuproydyot Annual "Hororshou" – the main dramatized performance of year "Panic Room – Halloween 2014"!
31 October 2014
Indian dancing show BOLLYWOOD EXPRESS
The most colourful and bright show of year at last goes to Russia!
03 November 2014

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