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The festival of the river Don has brought together thousands of guests on the embankment of Rostov-o
The river Don festival which this year was celebrated in "cinema" style has brought together thousands of guests on the embankment of Rostov-on-Don. From time immemorial residents of Don region glorified Don, esteemed him: "Steppe mother, and Don father", "Our father, Don Ivanovich!", "Don Supporter", "Quiet Don", "Quiet Don, and glory about it loud!".
25 July 2016
In the Kagalnitsky area have noted Kupalovsky summer
In the Kagalnitsky area for the fifth time there has taken place the holiday "Kupalovsky Summer on Don". As his organizers the government of the Rostov region, administration of the Kagalnitsky area and a national and cultural autonomy "Belarusians of the Rostov region" have acted.
12 July 2016
The Don sportswoman became the world champion in underwater sport
In the Greek city of Volos at the World Championships in underwater sports. The competition was attended by over 400 athletes from 34 countries. The Russian team won nine gold medals, two silver and seven bronze medals.
06 July 2016
National holiday of Donskoy fish soup held in Rostov region
On the bank of the Don to the Azov region held tourist festival don fish soup - business card hospitality Rostov Region!
06 July 2016
In Rostov-on-Don created operational headquarters for liquidation of the plane crash
A terrible tragedy occurred today at 03:50 am in the city of Rostov-on-Don. When landing ship crashed in the Rostov airport. Passenger Boing-737-800 followed a flight from Dubai.
19 March 2016
In Rostov there will be a third largest big wheel in Russia
Residents of Rostov will be able to sweep on "Big wheel" 65 meters high soon
13 January 2016


The project of the Chekhovian festival of Taganrog will estimate jury of a national award
The management of culture of Taganrog will take part in a regional stage of a national award in the sphere of event tourism of "Russian Event Awards-Юг". At tender of jury will estimate the project of the International Chekhovian book festival.
03 October 2016

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