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The All-Russian conference concerning carrying out FM on soccer in 2018
The All-Russian conference on questions of preparation of hotel infrastructure and the organization of placement of fans for carrying out FM on soccer in 2018
20 November 2015
On Don will pass the International competition of young jazz performers
On November 26-29 in Rostov-on-Don will pass the XI International competition of young performers of "Patterns of the jazz"
19 November 2015
Following the results of the National Award "Russian Event Awards" 4 winners from the Rostov region
4 projects of the Rostov region in the field of event tourism were selected by winners of the Final of the National Award "Russian Event Awards" which took place on October 21-22 in Kazan
12 November 2015
In Rostov there took place the fair "Southern Market"
On November 8 Gazetny Lane in Rostov turned into the wide pedestrian zone. Exactly here also there took place festivities, and also fair at which farms of the Rostov region, and also the Rostov restaurants and cafe were provided
09 November 2015
Culinary specialists from Taganrog – the best in the south of Russia
In the city of Sochi I passed selection round of the III All-Russian culinary championship "Chef a la Russe 2016" in which took part the chef from the cities of Taganrog, Adler, Sochi, Krasnodar and Armavir
05 November 2015
In the Rostov region went into multinational "Sumptuous feast"
For the 20-year history the holiday surely continues to serve strengthening of creative contacts, friendship and mutual understanding between representatives of the people of the different nationalities living in the Rostov region
05 November 2015


On Don the exhibition of the Italian artists will open
The works will be presented by brothers Rozamilya and Lino Vayretti
29 November 2015
To Rostov there will arrive show of the Argentina tango
Residents of Rostov will be the first residents of Russia who will see it with own eyes
03 December 2015

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