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The Rostov Paralympians will have own sports complex
It will be constructed on Vyatskaya Street of Rostov-on-Don
27 August 2015
Near Taganrog will put a new museum complex
The ceremony of laying the foundation stone will take place in day of celebration of anniversary of release of the Neklinovsky area from fascists
27 August 2015
In Rostov-on-Don opening of a monument to the ataman Matvei Platov took place
On August 24, the acting as the governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev and the ataman of Vseveliky army of Donskoy Victor Goncharov opened a monument to the legendary ataman Matvei Platov in Rostov-on-Don
25 August 2015
The festival of the Cossack folklore "Isn't present is more free than the Quiet Don!"
Within realization of a state program of the Rostov region "Cultural development and tourism" on August 29, 2015 in the village Old Cherkassk will take place a festival of the Cossack folklore "Isn't present is more free than the Quiet Don!"
25 August 2015
Sholokhova, Zakrutkina and Kalinina will establish busts on Pushkin
In the City Day of Rostov-on-Don, on September 19, will solemnly open to a paste three monuments to the well-known Don writers
21 August 2015
In the Rostov zoo Alvin was born
The first-born of black-and-white monkeys of kolobus by the name of Alvin became result of instant sympathy of an adult monkey of Rakhili who arrived to the Rostov zoo from Novosibirsk, and a kalinigradsky male of Ilyusha
20 August 2015


For the first time in Rostov Color Night the NEON FESTIVAL of PAINTS!!!
At 00:00 emissions of neon paints! Light show!
06 September 2015
That will do will act on September 19 on the City Day of Rostov
Who wanted to get on Basta's concert long ago, but on finance didn't take out", here to you a gift
19 September 2015
The City Code film project waits for residents of Rostov
Residents of the Don capital will be able to join shootings of the documentary about their hometown
23 September 2015

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